My Speck of Mark Pesce’s Hyperconnected World

Hi all,

Last night I felt like I was at a rock concert as the wave of virtual anticipation for Mark Pesce’s closing keynote address was unleashed  at #wds08 conference.  ie: Web Directions South.

This morning I got up and Mark had linked to his keynote  through Twitter and I was able to see and read what was being Twittered about last night.

Many of my Twitter friends , including myself flashed across the screen in the opening video.

All that he said and did was fascinating, top shelf  stuff and my little world of education was there and I quote:

Let me give you one example, happening right now. The classroom walls are disintegrating (and thank heaven for that), punctured by hyperconnectivity, as the outside world comes rushing in to meet the student, and the student leaves the classroom behind for the school of the world. The student doesn’t need to be in the classroom anymore, nor does the false rigor of the classroom need to be drilled into the student. There is such a hyperabundance of instruction and information available, students needs a mentor more than a teacher, a guide through the wilderness, and not a penitentiary to prevent their journey.

Now the students, and their parents – and the teachers and instructors and administrators – need to find a new way to work together, a communion of needs married to a community of gifts. The school is transforming into an anarcho-syndicalist collective, where everyone works together as peers, comes together in a “more perfect union”, to educate. There is no more school-as-a-place-you-go-to-get-your-book-learning. School is a state of being, an act of communion.

If this is happening to education, can medicine, and law, and politics be so very far behind? Of course not. But, unlike the elites of education, these other forces will resist and resist and resist all change, until such time as they have no choice but to surrender to mobs which are smarter, faster and more flexible than they are. In twenty years time they all these institutions will be all but unrecognizable.

Source: Human and Network – Mark Pesce 


Later on he makes a distinction between a community and a crowd – really  good food for thought.

How does the message get out to the educators who don’t understand @plu #ais08.  It is all just too powerul for me to consume and yet I a rivetted by it on a Saturday morning when I should be outside enjoying the day – which I am about to do. 

cheers  Martin

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