IBVM year of justice

2013 IBVM year of justice
At my school it is the year of justice.  On the first day we always have a great presentation on the theme for the year.  What I liked about this year’s presentation is  the new way I now look at the term justice.
Part of what I learned was  gleaned from the documentary Wasteland – which is explained here.
A couple of take homes for me are:
  • We can re- imagining lives – ours and others.
  • Justice the restorer of the streets we live in.
  • See it, name it and change it.
  • Love is the key ethical consideration.
  • Sometimes we do like the people we love but it is not a defining feature.
  • To love is to want for everyone. The great feast of love. ” Life is a great feast. A feast for everyone.”
  • Eucharist is central to justice – it is the meal of life.
  • Grounding justice – spirituality of justice looking within what is asked of me.
    • the non negotiability of justice
    • in the struggle for justice… we may never, no matter how moral passionate or urgent our cause, mimic the very violence disrespect and egotism we are trying to change.
    • avoid a divided life- be authentic
  • Father Michael Kelly it is secularly scrutiny that will save the church.
  • We need to renounce something.
  • How you treat the poorest person is how you treat God.
  • At our school we cannot separate separate Mary ward and justice from freedom, justice and sincerity and the other values.
  • Be seekers of truth and doers of justice
  • In a spirit of gratitude we unite for justice.
  • The key thing for the education for justice is that the girls keep doing things.

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