The art of attending a conference and EduTech 2013 what did I learn?

The art of attending a conference  and EduTech 2013 what did I learn?

I always like to get all my thoughts down when I attend a conference.  I have developed a bit of a system to get as much information live.  I tend to retain the information better this way rather than revisiting the PPTs at a later date.

The approach is to take notes in the notes section of the iPad then cut and paste into my Edublogs.  I still have not sorted  out the formatting issues in the transition.   I always sit in the front to  take photos of the screen.   As much as possible I try and manage typos spelling and names.  Predictive text makes for interesting reading at a later date.

My aim is to get the information down and share it.  Once the post is done, at the end of the session of presentations, I tweet a link for my records and for others who may be interested.

The next step over the next few days is to re work the material into a report to share with leadership, after all they are the people that gave me,on behalf of the school,  the opportunity to go.  I don’t see any point in keeping what I have learnt to myself when it is better to be shared.

Anyway here are my key take home points for the many presentations I attended.  Just note the sessions I attended were for IT Managers and Directors.

I am a Geography Teacher and Dean of Learning Technologies.  I just thought it was important for me to develop a better understanding of the issues of IT  as we work together in the implementation of learning technologies in the classroom.

EduTech 2013 what did I learn?

Daniel Pink – Motivation – rewards work for some tasks not others and the reason is to do with the relationship between the physical and cognitive dimensions.

Google- they know how to crowd source presenters, present their product and you never seem to meet anyone who works at Google.

Sal Kahn Khan Academy – a helping nature, taking a risk and the right persons (Bill Gates’ children help) using your product – an unexpected springboard.

Vendors- they need to do what they need to do.  The best do it in a way that you don’t realise you are in a sales pitch (by accident) and you got something of value.

Keynotes – many are just outstanding and some could be you if only we were bold enough to try and get the opportunity.

Data – mentioned directly or implied in all presentations.  I need to understand and embrace big data for school communication and learning.

Facts and evidence: – I was drawn to presentations  that provided me with facts and evidence.  I just have to remember them when I am in a position to make a case for a decision.

Gary Stager– a good prompt is worth 1000 words

The Pope–  a good example of finding  the right images people may not have seen. The Pope photos with mobile phones  popped up a few times. Need a stockpile.

ESA/ Education AU – Scootle – will a social media platform behind a password protected platform work?  I spent many years and hours working with and supporting EDNA and  now it is gone and along with it all the work.

David O’Hagan Assistant Director General  CIO DETE – there is no legal reason (for privacy) for not putting things in the cloud.  Same applies to  data sovereignty .

Michael Eggenhuizen Director of IT The Kings School – you cannot beat top shelf communication in every sense of the word and I like the 1:1 hybrid idea of a primary device supported by the school and a secondary device students and staff  would like to use.

R. Suresh Vice President Australian Computer Society – if a student comes to the help desk –  stop everything and help them.  That is why we are there.

Warren Moseley  Director of Information Communication and Learning Technologies  White Friars College- Teachers are tertiary qualified they are an educated workforce who work very hard. You don’t tell them want to do and don’t leave anyone behind.

Sir Ken Robinson – connect with your audience with a joke and telling stories then link to your message.

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