Staff Retreat 2013

Staff Retreat 2013

We started off the retreat with a meditation session which involved three sections.


It was lead by Giles Barton

The first was a mindfulness meditation, then a breathing session followed by a metta session which  uses the following expressions.

“May I be well, happy and peaceful and be free of stress, illness and worry in body in mind”


This was followed up by a presentation by Dr Rachael Kohn – addressing the criticism

A very well presented and clever viewpoint outlining eight views  against  religion and the logical deconstruction of these arguments.


  1. Religion puts you on the outer. Rather it is becoming inclusive. Look at all the versions. Being on the outer can be by society by attacking religion not due to religion itself.
  2. Religion is divisive and tribal and only interested in its own survival. It actually binds people giving people a sense of identity. James 11 religion a human right in the same way we should not put blacks in jail based on completion.
  3. To admit to being religious is to be accused as intolerant bigot. Being against gay marriage is a statement of belief but not a license to attack the position.
  4. Reluctance to admit to being Christian because it is linked to colonialism. Fact if history it brought pain and prosperity.
  5. Religion causes wars at the moment Islam – there is a lot of truth to this. Today there is a small but brave voice for a peaceful expression of Islam. Passages need to be read in their historical context. Religion teaches and maintains the peace. Religious leaders can pump their fists but they also look after people.
  6. The secular philosophers and rationalists believe believing in God is like believing in fairies. Hope is important allows for fulfillment.
  7. Religion is about behavior therefore any system will
    suffice. Difference between doing something because it works and doing what is right.
  8. Religion is always organised to perpetuate itself. Is true it covers up its mistakes and mispractices. Of course the problem is true of the military schools hospitals. The church is no different though it should be. There are people who speak out and we need to give them more strength.

Other thoughts

The Nones not Nuns on the census might be involved in a range of different spiritual models. Northumberland community. Atheist church 300 people starts with Alice Cooper readings Alice in wonderland and a lecture (preaching) of physics atoms.

Check book- Monastery of the heart. Also Hear the heart of ancient wisdom by – urban missionaries.

Go to her website My spiritual diary.

Engaging the spiritual core listen those with in you core as well as those outside. Mary Ward.

To the atheists where do you go when things are really bad? AC Grayling has written a secular Bible.

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