ELH Conference Presentations

Keynote Presentations:

Sylvia Martinez: http://youtu.be/eOsavnXSQEU

George Siemens: http://youtu.be/siHENn7zzyk

Brett Lee: http://youtu.be/e2CU-pFpmOQ

George Couros: http://youtu.be/wpTFICS2P1U


TIM Talks

Primary school iPad implementation – Learning’s and ongoing challenges,Klaris Phillipson: http://youtu.be/ebEaIc5b_70

Which LMS? Which Admin system? Which Software? How to successfully choose software for your school,Chris Marley: http://youtu.be/LBdx0gZMheI

Constructing Modern Knowledge, Steve Costa: http://youtu.be/jbPfoLf_rII

Opening the Source Bottle, Paul Connelly: http://youtu.be/qWDqzwyM2oU

BYOD and DyKnow: Helping Students Tune into Learning, Michael Vasey http://youtu.be/0Do-KzEHncc

Investigation of Disconnects between Students, Educators and Administrators that limit use of Mobile Technologies,David Dawson: http://youtu.be/SsiJ0Km3aKo

Unleashing the Power of the Web in Education,Adam Naor: http://youtu.be/fbIhdppXO04


Discovery Sessions:

The Pedagogy of 21st C Inquiry Learning – Moving beyond programs and apps,Bronwyn Stubbs, Mark Kent & Fiona Webster: http://youtu.be/DddjPkMk4dk

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