Holiday research reading

 Holiday Research Reading



Horizon Report K-12 ……2014

The handbook of Emerging technology for learning – via George Siemens

Linking effective professional learning with effective teaching practice


Digital Media

How not to talk to your kids

Laurie Penny : How to pass your dam exams

Parental  involvement is over rated



7 Characteristics of a digitally competent teacher

Time to retire from online learning

Should students  trust Wikipedia

Is Education really about content

27 ideas to stimulate creativity

Classroom examples of Augmented Reality


Conference Summaries


Foster Global Competence –  Cameron Patterson and Julie Lindsay ISTE 2014

and Cameron’s blog post on the conference


ISTE 2014 Gamification – Kate Matthews

Jenny Luca Edutech 2014


EduTech 2014 – Kings School ICT Newsletter

ICT Management and Leadership Conference – The Kings School ICT Newsletter



Three thinking about future learning

Global Digital Citizen

Resources for using iPads Year 6- 8

Students are the new digital influencers

Six Technologies that could soon be in your classroom

Ideas for Project based learning


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