Give and Take Part 2 – Peacock and the panda

Part 2 Peacock and the panda


Spotting a taker in giver’s clothes – He tells the story of two successful businessman and how they are represented on the business Prospectus.  The taker has a whole page picture of the CEO the other has a thumbnail picture with other information about the company.

The transparent network – Adam Forest Rifkin is the giant panda of programming.  He is Fortunes best networker.  He has   more LinkedIn connections to the 640 powerful people on Fortune’s lists. IN 2001 he was a fan of Blogger and it had run out of money and he gave them some money for one of his start up – Know Now. The money kept them afloat and the founder went on to  cofound Twitter.

Waking the sleeping giant – Rifkin liked an emerging band.  They needed a fansite – the band was Cold Play and he connected to Spencer who recently sold the search engine Excite. He did not know that at the time.  Rifkin believes in the strength of weak ties.  It’s tough to ask weak ties for help although they are the faster route to new leads, we don’t always feel comfortable reaching out to them.  His secret of deceptively simple: he asked thoughtful questions and listened with remarkable patience.

Dormant ties –  “ adults accumulate thousands of relationships over their lifetimes” but prior to the internet.  The dormant ties provide more novel information than the current contacts.  They have gone on different journeys and they still have feelings for trust.  So reconnecting is easy.

The five minute favour – Adam Rifkin does not trade value he adds value.  His giving is governed by a simple rule – the five minute favour for anyone.  How does Adam avoid the tradeoff  between giving and productivity? He gives more.


Our ability to connect and collaborate with more people has been enhanced through the internet and in particular LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Not so much awakening the sleeping giant but I have often found in teaching that things come from left and right field after a decision has been made.  You do need to look and listen.

So true all that is said in relation to weak and dormant ties – always good to activate these in school holidays. .

Recently two Iranian ladies asked for directions to the train station to go to Katoomba while I was sitting in Pitt Street Mall reading this book. Instead of just pointing in a general direction I walked with them till they could see Town Hall  Station.  Ironically,  I put into action an idea from the book before I read  the five minute favour.


Will have to re read again to find the peacock J

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