UWS – Future of Australian Suburbs

Future of Australian Suburbs

Robyn Dowling and Emma Power

Article:  Sizing home, Doing Family in Sydney, Australia

  • Introduction
  • The Sydney Study – “everyday practices and  and descriptions of 26 households
  • Sizing home, Doing Family
  • Sizing Home Dong  Respectability


  • Statistics and information really useful
  • House focus can be linked to urban dynamic suburbanisation
  • Culture of place through status and affluenza,  new relations of family, privacy
  • Specific section on summarising cultural forces
  • GDFE – sustainability crisis


  • Hits the syllabus point culture of place really well.
  • Hits GDFE – future and sustainability quite well.
  • Houses can hit urban dynamic of suburbanisation
  • Students will need  to make l inks to urban dynamics explicit

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