UWS – Going Bananas Presentation

Going Bananas

Rae Dufty Jones


Global production and trade – good map covers  nature and spatial patterns well

    • Global Banana  industry
    • Historical Development  of banana trade and TNCs
    • Concerned consumer – political social and environmental dimensions  of the global banana trade. This can be linked to the factors explaining the nature, spatial patterns and future directions of  the economic activities of the banana industry.
      • Banana gluts – an issue
      • Social and environmental consequences of the banana industry. Sustainability well covered with organic and fair trade bananas

    Australian Banana Industry

    • Historical development
    • Australian Philippino banana wars
    • Woolgoolga case study
      • Covers the nature and locational factors well
      • Might need to flesh out the ecological dimensions and internal and external links
      • Global changes can be linked to the  area well especially through links via Woolgoolga Punjabi – Sikh community.

    General Comments:

    • First comment is that it can be closely linked to Ecosystems case study on Great Barrier Reef – contributing to  reef issues through reefer or marine transport – aka shipping on the reef.
    • Might need to do more research as a student on socio cultural and organisational factors  and perhaps even technological factors
    • Future issues at a global level?

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