UWS – Toursim in China Presentation

Toursim  in China

 Dr Julie Wren

From PPT

  • Uneven development maps very good.  Any recent figures post 1995.
  • 12 coastal communities and their dominance good section and easy to understand
  • Inbound  tourism figures solid
  • Regional distribution and Gini Co efficient – might be a bit heavy for students and helps explains the regional imbalance
  • Factors influencing convergence would need to be fleshed out by teachers and students to link to the factors in the syllabus points

From Article

  • Introduction
  • Snapshot of the distribution of international tourism
  • Trends in spatial distribution of tourism in china 1986- 2004 – any more recent data?
  • Gini Coefficient – will need teacher guidance
  • Coastal inland spatial distribution will work well for student understanding.
  • Discussion – really interesting  but would need to cherry pick to help students link content to syllabus points


Not sure how to link in an enterprise study.  Does it need to be linked to China?

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