UWS – Urban decay and renewal in Broken Hill

Urban decay and renewal  in Broken Hill Laura Schatz

Academic Article

  • Planning challenges: – closeness to mines,  infrastructure,
  • Growth oriented planning in shrinking cities and alternative of decline oriented planning
  • Strategic planning documents
  • Planners and policy makers


  • Shrinking cities
  • How widespread  is urban shrinkage
  • Shrinking cities in Australia
  • Policy measures


  • Hits the syllabus point small country town  ( small?) quite well. Or could it be a large city? This would hit the syllabus points really well especially GDFE and the planning challenges.
  • Fleshing out he links to the urban dynamics  will involve some work and guidance.  For example panning really interesting and good geography
  • Could it fit into changing roles of regional centres  and the demise of the small town?

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