Give and Take by Adam Grant: Part 7 -The scrooge shift

Give and Take by Adam Grant: Part 7 -The scrooge shift

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The altruism debate – Wikipedia

From enemies to allies- people are motivated to give to others when they identify as part of a common community.

The search for optimal distinctiveness

On the one hand we want to fit in : we strive for connection, cohesiveness, community belonging, inclusions and affiliation with others. One the other hand we want to stand out: we search for uniqueness, differentiation and individuality.  Optimal distinctiveness is where we look to fit in and stand out.

Reciprocity ring

In a class each student would make a request to the class, and the rest of the class would try to use their knowledge, resources and connections  to help fulfill the request.


I found this the hardest chapter to connect to its title, though the information is really quite practical.  I am a big fan of sharing and not worrying if someone else uses the idea

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