We need to engage our students

We need to engage our students. 

I am currently reading Patrick White Voss and I am struggling but I want to finish it because of  the geography. I had to read Tree of Man at school and though once again I struggled,  I enjoyed it. I actually read it again many decades later. 

Every now and then my attention is riveted in the outback while Voss is in exploration mode. The density of the language glides in these circumstances while the 19th century social settings  just drag. 

At risk of exposing my lack of cultural experiences, jump forward a few decades to my reading of Matthew Reilly’s Ice Station – a novel I could not put down and basically read like I was watching a movie. I guess this was a prelude to the Internet era which I  really embraced. 

So in my case sometimes I am engaged and time flies with the Internet and Ice Station and in others you have to dig in, despite the drag for glimpses of engagement. 

 This has made me think I need to continue to work on what engages students in 2015. 

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