HBR IDEACAST 453 Mastering the habits of everyday life – my notes

Habit and willpower are different things.  It takes will power to start a habit sometimes. The benefit of having a habit is that it gets us out of the habit of using will power.  Decision making is demanding and draining – once it is a habit you are freed up to use willpower where it is needed. high functioning people were not using a lot of willpower they we using habits and had a lot in reserve for willpower. Their habits were automated – hence I just run 6km as a habit.
4 tendencies framework.
It has to do with how you respond to an expectation. ie outer and inner expectations
1. Upholder:  can easily meet outer and inner expectations  – small percentage.
2. Questioners:  they will do it if they think it makes sense.
3. Blighters: meet outer expectations but have trouble meeting the expectations they set for themselves. Organised at work but not at home
4. Rebels – resist outer and inner expectations- very small percentage

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