I forgot to shave this morning

I forgot to shave this morning.  We had a staff day today and I enjoyed a
nice sleep in of an extra ten minutes.  Normally I would go for a run in the
evening and have a shower after ten pm and a shave.  Rarely do I get up in
the morning and shave.  In summer when it is warmer I might use and
electronic shaver in the morning.

What was interesting for me was my reaction to the break in routine. Two km
into the drive to work I touch my face and realised I had not shaved.  I had
no time to get home and shave and be back at school on time.

What was interesting was the effect of the break in my routine. I was
distinctly uncomfortable and needed to shave.  Then during the staff day
there was another break in routine and we had an hour break.  I just had to
go home and have a shave.

My immediate discomfort needed an immediate response thatvwas to have shave.
Initially I was getting used to the idea noticing who had shaved and who had
not, though There are not many guys in a girls school.  We were given an
opportunity to have a cuppa and I just had to go home and have a shave.

So my discomfort turned to comfort by just having a shave.  Deep down I
thought  I needed to just cope with it and move on.  I think the reason is
that it was to do with the geography of where I was.  When I go to work I am
in work mode even on a staff PD day.  As another example, I struggle with
what to wear on days like these. I would rather just wear the suit and tie
rather than fine something casual which in my case would be running shoes, t-shirts and jeans and or shorts.

It has got me thinking about being authentic. The means for me to be personally aware of this and to try and see and understand the authenticity of others.

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