Concentration for Assessments and the Yearly Examinations 2015

To continue with our themes to assist your learning, in Week 6 we would like you to think about Concentration for Assessments and the Yearly examinations. There are 5 Pillars to help you with your learning: planning, relaxation, concentration, mindfulness and reflection.


  1.  Why concentration? Concentration is the skill of focussing on the task at hand. The benefits include efficiency in completing tasks, greater clarity of thinking and it enables the capacity to push to the side distracting thoughts. The challenge is that you have to practice focus and concentration while balancing the ebbs and flows of motivation.


  1. Can you switch in and out of the concentration zone? It can be draining and exhausting to concentrate all the time and it takes practice to get the balance right. Setting up the right learning environment for you helps create the atmosphere for focus to begin. Chunk up the work, which needs to be competed, into periods of time that you know you can hold your concentration. Set a time for some gentle distractions before you need to refocus on the next task.


  1. Can you concentrate when it counts? This is when you are completing the assessment task or Yearly examinations. This requires specifically fine- tuned concentration where you focus on the question asked and the BOSTES terms while quickly shifting through the main facts, themes and examples you need to answer questions set.


We hope these tips are of some use to you. Can you remember the other two themes we have covered?



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