Mindfulness for Assessments and the Yearly Examinations


There are 5 Pillars to help you with your learning: planning, relaxation, concentration, mindfulness and reflection. Mindfulness if often associated with relaxation and meditation. Mindfulness for learning is drawing on your awareness to make decisions mindful of how you feel, your immediate context and what is on the horizon.


How do you feel? Are you feeling pressure that you are not prepared? If yes go back to you plan and concentrate on your revision. Are you in the assessment and your heart rate goes up because you have a question from left field? Relax take a deep mark the question and comeback to it later. Make sure you come back to it.


What is happening in your immediate context? Have you a grand final for a sporting commitment or do you want to attend you grandmothers birthday? Though related to planning, being mindful of these events closer to the task may involve you changing your plan. Maybe you need to get up a bit earlier or skip down social media time in order to do some revision. In a class assessment the biggest thing to be mindful of is time management.  You need to be mindful of the time you have allocated to each question and monitor this so you are not left short for the last question.


What is on the horizon? Too often we get caught up on the task close at hand. Sometimes it pays, when you are feeling the pressure, to be mindful of what is further down the track for you. When you achieve this perspective it does not take long for the anxiety or gentle uneasiness about the task to pass.   This enables you to deal with the issue and start the reflection process which is the last of the five concepts to help your learning.


One more week to go.


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