The role of relaxation for Assessments and the Yearly Examinations


To continue with the five themes to help you with your learning: planning, relaxation, concentration, mindfulness and reflection.


Today we would like to focus on relaxation. This may seem a contradiction, however, when it comes to planning for and participating in assessments and examinations it is important to be relaxed.


  1. Why relax? When your body and mind is relaxed you are in a better position to think and act efficiently  with your decision making, recall of information and selective  use of relevant facts to answer questions. If you are thrown a curved ball in a task in a relaxed frame of mind you will be able to work through the options to best deal with the situation.
  2. How to relax in the preparation stage: Though this is a personal question there are some general guidelines to consider. In the planning and preparation stage,  allocate time to stand up go for a walk have a drink of water or play with your cat or dog.  As the assessment or examination approaches stick to your normal study routine by eating well, moderate exercise and sleep as per normal.
  3. How to relax in the testing stage: Prepare yourself mentally when you arrive in the Top Quad or class. Be silent with your own thoughts when you walk up the stairs or when the class is asked to be quiet for the task. Once seated in the examination room or class three deep breaths will help settle your focus.



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