AHISA 2016 Day 2 A Prof Lea Waters Keynote and Ignite Session B

AHISA 2016 Day 2 A


Professor Lea Waters positive Psychology in Schools




Developed Positive Detective Program

Positive psychology natural falls into pastoral care and also bring it into the classroom pedagogy as well. So it does fit into the theme of caring but argues it fits into leading and learning.

Why education because we are in academic institutions and well being institutions. NB: has an interest in organisational psychology.

Average age of on set of depression in teenagers is 14 years. These students – 25% of classroom diagnosed and then there are those not diagnosed- are coming into your class not leaning ready.

1 Why?

Pathway to a solution

First pathway: Removing negative states of depression anxiety insecurity stress. Not enough to do just this. This is the overcoming pathway which is taking away the negative which is not the same as the presence of a positive. They wake up the next day not feeling depressed not positive about the world

Second pathway then is promoting positive states of hope optimism, courage gratitude. This is the enabling pathway.

Look up R Rusk and L Waters Article 2013 Journal of Positive Psychology 8(3) – article on the growth of positive psychology. There is evidence that it is both growing and spreading. In brain research there is evidence that we are changing our Brian with positive psychology. It is becoming through UN Convention of the rights of the child and also in UNESCO. Also look up OECD better policies for better lives. So wellbeing formally built into curriculum – achieving goals, working with others managing emotions. Note Personal and Capability in National Curriculum.

Join PESA Positive Education Schools Association

Well Being institutions build skills for mental health
Academic Institutions build skills for the workforce

2. How
Recent research mapped priorities of wellbeing and programs put in place by schools and NAPLAN results. Small correlation .08 but does exist and they are meaningful. Some correlation as impact of divorce .08 , more than chemotherapy and surviving breast cancer .03 aspirin and reduced risk of heart attack .02

SA research evidence of students who did life matters were 6 months ahead in NAPLAN Results.

Outcomes of programs one high self acceptance is an interesting one. Accept who I am. Others life satisfaction, esteem….

Check positivedetective.com 5 lesson program which. Is a good starting point of refresher.

Check Lea’s Ted Talk on why we should not watch the nightly news. Now we can change at our level good news stories by using social media.

Moving toward ‘Visible Wellbeing’ is different – watch revolution school on ABC. Programs teach about wellbeing and give you something concrete to work with. However, Visible Wellbeing is a classroom practice. Teach in ways that build wellbeing in a student. Make the process more intentional. Visible wellbeing is a flexible approach bringing visible learning, visible thinking and positive psychology.

Discussion with colleague after talk. Check Jubilee Centre in Uni of Birmingham – characters and virtues and new dynamism for alternative viewpoint.


Ignite Session B

20 slides 20 seconds for 7 minutes talking.



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