Playing Catchup

Hi all,

I was so excited when I found The World is Flat. Then tonight I was reading something, via the K-12 Online Conference by David Warlick where he pointed to his wiki and things looked familiar. Mate there is nothing new in this flat world.

At first I was discouraged and then I realised it just reinforces what I am trying to do with Web 13.0 – distill everything , well some of it I can find and remember, and simplify it down to something usable.

Meanwhile, I really liked what jutecht said in his Thinking Stick Blog today where he talked to 350+ students and staff in a school in Shanghai.

Only today I was talking to my network manager on what the next stage should be for my students on the SharePoint Platform. I would really like to get moving on the Personal Learning Environments PLE for the students.

A re you like me.? Everytime friend(s) come over with a school age children I grill them about their school’s ICT and if possible get them to log on to their intranet and they show me what they are doing?

cheers MArtin

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