EduTech Day 1 Afternoon Sessions

Arvo Day 1

FYI this is one conference with four congresses.  I have chosen to attend the IT Managers and Directors Congress.  there are other congresses for teachers, school leaders and university.  we share the main keynotes over the two days.
So my notes are not necessarily going to be on the teaching side of of presentations

Simon Mackie – chair of sessions Catholic Schools Brisbane

Dr Simonn Eassom Industy  Business Value Executive Consultant IBM Software Group Australia and New Zealand.
Background in education, education training and compliance through various sectors.
He said he would start with a provocative thought.
We are talking about changing in education  due to digital world. However, it is a bit of a sad story as the change is not happening. Lok at what the banks etc are doing.
IBM is interested in transforming learning – teacher effectiveness and student learning outcomes.  Interest in research.
Don’t deliver the same content in the same way with a different tool.
Three key points
Predictive analytics
Social media as to transform communication
Personalisation  delivery of services
Personal thought- I tend to learn more and lean more to presentations based on evidence.
Creative space for innovation: reconciling the excitement of technology innovation with the constraints of curriculum
Ewan McIntosh Founder and CEO No Tosh
NoToshLearning on Facebook.
Creative and Critical Leadership Creating space for innovation
Previous job national adviser on national learning network.   Was not popular with his   on national Internet provision. At the time Youtube was being launched as well as those that went like Bebo.
The five year plan in technology got in the way.  IWB have failed – have not changed practice.
Goes to schools and looks at learning.
Working by self with computer.
Working side by side on computer pointing and sharing
Working side by side on computer with shared headphones .  Is that sharing?
Ewan now takes us thorough the SAMR model.
Substitiution technology a direct tool substitute no functional change
Augmentation substitute with functional improvement google docs
Modificaion technology with significant change – google handouts
Transformation – sorry missed it. 🙂
You need a big goal if you don’t have one if you have  specific detail – like a one to one program.
Status quo reduces as new innovation starts to kick in.
Squeaky wheels get the oil.  Those who shout get the attention.  Is this right?
Do we have to have the silos of learning.  ie key learning areas.
Work with people by drawing their ideas to get innovations happening.
Look into the notion of rock values, compromises, creative solutions using the conflicts and whirlpool values – terms are self explanatory.  Check out NoTosh website for more information.
Learning and learning the flex factor.  Direct interview with another colleague and everything is written down.  Ten they share with each other the key issues.  Then key problems  presented and solutions suggested by drawing diagrams.
The 10 million project needs to start with a few of you on $1000 project.
Nothing takes longer than 30 days when you sprint.
What is in your “It’s in if list”
Life is a path to bat when you walk it”
70 seconds  disaster recovery. Live demonstration
Greg Wyman Regional Vice President Storage Craft
Resting a server in the cloud inn60 seconds
How to eliminate back up windows and recovery windows across your school
Elimate coast and complexity for backup, recovery and disaster recovery operations
Storage Craft shadow Protect 5
Accomplishing  information sharing to more effectively plan, deliver and monitor learning programs.
Dan Ingvarson Project lead The National Schools Interoperability Program NSIP/ Systems Interoperability Framework SIF Australia
Devoting and maintaining standards for information exchange
Facilitating superior digital leaning projects by achieving infers- structure interoperability
Improving access to data by ensuring accurate abs efficient linking of information
Reaching a common understanding of data types, collection and sharing.
What is NSIP
Why bother?
They see lots of ideas that are idealistic
Give devices
Cloud is the silver bullet
Big data learning analytics
I can fix anything where is the duct tape
Android and IOS activation
Online digital ecosystem – teachers spend time managing logins etc
One attorney General in An unmanned state said uploading  stuff is against privacy laws.
We need to sort out the data implications. He now focuses on communication and we do not have a common language.  The various ecosystems benefit from not allowing info to move across boundaries.  There are different levels of trust in communication.
He is designing the identity framework for Naplan Online …
User to app – they have to manage the info and accounts.  In a previous world there is a lot of structure over stuff to make things happening.
So education needs an API.  Wha tam I talking about?
Identifiers are the glue that ties together many applications out in the cloud.
National Identity management Framework. There is a set of rules for an API and identity is the starting point.
The one thing has stayed the same.  Is information all the functionality has changed.
SIF data model for education
SPB student Personal
So we have a data model and need to get a system to access it via education API . Ten there is the consuming application such as Naplan online.
LDAP on steroids to be accessed anywhere and de identified.
http….sis/student personal
http…sis/student personal/ personalise id
Is it real ? – yes
Demo site.
This enables us to aggregate from a number of sites. Rolls, marks…..
Facebook uses Oauth similar system
Huge project and in my view looks very complicated.  Just goes to show me there is a lot of thinking and work being done in the background.
Designed to separate getting information out and maintaining privacy.
Creative technology revolution you cannot afford to ignore
Gary Stager Executive Director The Constructivist Consortium
Afternoon keynote notes later

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