Sir Ken Robinson Keynote EduTech 2014 – notes from Twitter

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I was not at the keynote but I felt like I was there,  in fact it seemed like a rock concert.  Anyway here is a collection of my  quotes from twitter and two very good video clips from his presentation.

Sir Ken Robinson’s Keynote

#edutech 2014-06-03

I did not attend the conference this year – these are my notes from twitter.  Mainly a series of Twitter quotes.


Ten years ago people did not tweet, well if they did they were not encouraged to.

Tools are neutral like musical instruments there is no music in musical instruments just the opportunity for  music – this leads to something quite inspiring a bit later

There are no great novels  in your word processor- there  in your mind

10% of the people, since the industrialised age are living now  – none of these lives are the same

The current education systems were not built with the current world in mind

Industrial farming is focused on output.  The same principles can be applied to education – need to move to organic farming.  I can see organic education coming.  Focus on the soil not the yield.

Organic Schooling

  • Health – culture
  • Ecology – dependence/diversity
  • Equity
  • Care – for everything

Children are born with a natural appetite to learn….It is up to  us to encourage the appetite

We don’t teach children formally to speak they just learn to speak.

For most kids, public education isn’t their best shot at a good education, it’s their only shot.

Are we stuck seeing the tiger (individualism)  and not the jungle (relationship) in education.

Video on Creative thinking – a must viewing:

  • When there is a correct answer we limit creativity and imagination
  • How are you framing the question
  • Ask  challenging questions – don’t expect the right answers
  • Get the culture right in our schools.  A healthy organic caring culture. Thus imagination and creativity will develop

Give students less and they will give you more

On human resources

  • Human resources like natural resources, buried , just waiting to be unearthed
  • The treasure  was always there you just need to  dig deep enough
  • Human resources are like natural resources, the ability to learn maybe just below the surface.
  • Human resources  are like natural resources, they sit there waiting until they can be useful

Schools are living organisms and ecosystems. Create the climate for growth to happen.

Video on Landfill Harmonic recycled Orchestra

Our job is to grow people from the inside out.

Are governments asking the right questions with education, because the question frames the direction taken.

The real value of educational success is not test results but the quality of the lives that our students lead.

Imagine if educational policy was “what can we do  to help grow learners to have a better life”

You  don’t fail – you find out what does not work

We make far too much of the difference in disciplines when in fact they are all so much the same.


And at the  Conference dinner from Sir Ken

“A bit of an oversight” A music teacher in Liverpool had 2 of the Beatles in the music class but did not know.”

“You can’t anticipate the journey people will take, because life isn’t like that”

“You can’t send people down the path they should take, because they have to make it” –

“You create your life as you go & the best thing we can do for our kids is to open the paths for them to follow”

We don’t know the path we’ll take. But we need the chance to follow it where it might take us.

Raising test scores may lower the quality of life of students

“Give our children the access to the talents they have inside themselves” Our purpose as parents and educators.


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  1. Martin, I WAS at the keynote and would struggle to remember all of these points that you have cleverly crafted together. It certainly proves that people can participate in learning without being present at a certain event, and that we can outsource our learning and recall out to the network so the mind can concentrate on the distillation of those ideas. Thank you.

  2. Great review. I will be using your blog post to demonstrate to teachers at my school the power of twitter and how they can use it for their own professional learning. Fantastic work! Thanks – Kathy

  3. This is awesome…I was at the conference and had somewhat of a rock star moment when he came out on stage and forgot to take notes…thanks for this!

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