Courageous people in a disruptive world Glen Gerreyn

Courageous people in a disruptive world

Glen Gerreyn

PD today – unedited notes

Be connected
More mindful
Be wise

Work is a prison unless it has meaning
Motivation is not a problem rather it is lack of vision
Do you have a vision that compels
To be successful be strategic quitter not a reactive quitter
you need to reach flow in focus – no distractions
Raise hand , raise hand higher then raise it higher by standing up.
Moon shots – aim for the moon. You cannot work with existing assumptions when you are thinking that big.
Follow one course until successful
Think beyond the small square of now

What is it is possible – at least you can get close.

Future Edge – book.
Your eyes and ears only see and hear what you are looking forward.
Why have you stopped giving your permission to fail – rapid reiteration.
When failure is not an option success is really expensive.

If you only attempt the things that work you will leave a lot of opportunity on the table.

The first person with a fax machine – what did they do with it.

7% of the population could read when the Guttenberg press was

You can be prepared but never ready.

Do I need to expand/cross fertilize my network

None of us are smart of us as all of us.

Experience won’t make you better rather evaluate experience.

Mindfulness is the ability to know what is happening in your head at a given moment without getting carried away by it.

Mindfulness not mindlessness.

Use silence well just be with them no words
Wisdom not knowledge is power.

Just have gratitude for how far you have come.


1. Commit
2. Take one idea do something this arvo to get one step closer


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