Supersurvivors The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success by David Feldman Lee Daniel Kravetz

The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success by David Feldman Lee Daniel Kravetz

They don’t survive they move on.
Asha was a cancer survivor at the age of 28 and moved form the wast coast to LA to play electronic violin and in 15 months was touring the world.

It is an experience that is transformative and meaningful turning point. It afforded her the freedom and motivation to move beyond her previous life and build a new reality for herself. Trauma freed her.

2. The paradox of positive thinking

No matter what people say there are no positives in losing our sight. Simon was not a pessimist ether so he focussed on keeping his head up and thought about what all these other blind people do to get by. It was the only way forward.

The people who pay attention to the positivist the expense of noticing the negatives, who believe everything will be fine may not take appropriate action to protect themselves.
In short we need to be realistic. We all cannot go to the olympics.

With cancer patient it is not so much the power of positive thinking it is more to do with expressing their thoughts and feelings what ever they may be.

Giving up sometimes is associated with better mental health. It does not mean lowering one’s standards rather it is a means to start a goals process where we are to deluding ourselves.

Being blind did not prevent Alan Lock from rowing between two countries.

so what is the paradox? Giving up an attainable goal is a prerequisite for true positive thinking. The kind that can lead to personal growth.
Lookup Maarten and his book on Better.

3. The truth of illusion.

Casey the stunt man. The way e sees it there is no no floor or selling to what he does. Sometimes the biggest stunt is convincing yourself there is not risk at all. Casey was pushing a broken down car on a dark road and got crushed by a drunk driver.

People can change their perception of risk when they are shown the facts.
People’s perceptions of risk is released to people’s sends of personal control.

Positive illusion is the over estimation personal control and over blown views of the self. See Shelley Taylor

goldsmith – theses successful people are delusional. It seems to make them more effective. people who believe they can succeed see opportunities where others see threats.
Denial based positive thinking is a distortion of the situation, positive illusions are slightly inflated views of oneself and one’ ability to control ones’s future.

On grounded hope: – Hopeful thinkers tend to use more problem based coping, seeking practical assistance from others, gathering information about a problem and taking action. It is this tendency towards doing that ground hope and may create a better existence for those who practice it.

4. The world we thought we knew.
5. The company we keep
6. Awakened by death
7. Faiths mixed
8. Blessing
9. The right choice
.The world we thought we knew

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