Things a little bird told me by Biz Stone

Biz Stone things a little bird told me.

A short lesson in constraint. Creativity flourishes when there are some
constraints – 140 Characters

All hail the fail whale. The system was not perfect when it was launched.

Big changes in little packages. Had to be rebuilt in compartments so it would not completely collapse under pressure of use such as earthquakes, Middle East events 2008 Obama election.

Wisdom of the masses- hashtags @ to call things update or tweets. Arab spring

‘When I realised this I stopped thinking about grades. ‘ Biz Stone on when he realised the point about school was to learn.

People come before technology. P157

Six assumptions

1. We don’t always know what is going to happen.

2. There are more smart people out there than in here

3. We will win if we do the right thing for our users.

4. The only deal worth doing is the win win deal.

5. Our coworkers are smart and have good intentions

6. We can build businesses change the world and have fun.

Look up his new business jelly.

Be nice have empathy

He is a vegan

Help people

New capitalism with social responsibility.

Changed to no bottles water but to having a bottle for water in offices.

Develop a communication strategy for a departure.

June 28 2011 last day at twitter.

Principles he implemented at twitter. Empathy altruism and humanity.

The true promise of a connected society. Jelly is a tool for people to help each other.

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