Understanding troubled Minds by Sidney Bloch – notes

Understanding troubled Minds by Sidney Bloch

A good friend who has had mental health issues for decades gave me this book to give me some insight into his world. Quite an amazing read and well worth deeper look.

I found this section most interesting and perhaps of wider use.

High and low level of the scale.

The five factor approach to groping personality types.

1. Neuroticism

High – anxious, tense, irritable perfectionist
Low -bland lacking cancer

2. Extroversion
High – talkative, inappropriately self disclosing, attention seeking dramatising
Low – socially isolated, lacking zest, inhibited shy

3. Openness
High – eccentric, rebellious, fantasising impractical
Low – intolerant ,band, conformist, aesthetically insensitive, has narrow interests

4. Agreeablness

High – gullible, indiscriminate, trusting, open to being manipulated
Low – cynical, suspicious, quarrelsome, arrogant, exploit

5. Conscientiousness

High – over-achieving, workaholic, compulsive, over -scrupulous
Low – underachieving, disregarding of rules, aimless, lacking self discipline.

The clustering of specific problematic personalities.

Cluster A

Paranoid personalities
Schizoid personalities

Cluster B
Anti social personality
Borderline personalities
Histrionic personalities

Closer C

Avoidant personalities
Dependent personalities
Obsessive personalities
Passive aggressive personalities.

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