Office administration still offers a career path, if you’re smart. The Australian February 11-12 2017

Office administration still offers a career path, if you’re smart.  The Australian February 11-12 2017

“Roles that will bear the brunt of office automation and the new working styles will be the middle management administrative support roles. Middle management is now encouraged to be self sufficient and can normally produce their own materials, manage their emails and calendars”.

It is interesting to see these changes have evolved over the years due to office automation.  Increasingly, and understandably, middle managers and Heads of Department and Pastoral Care in schools, are completing tasks that in the past other staff in an office might have done. That is, if you were fortunate enough to have that kind of support.

This is also true for teachers as well. As teachers we do our own photocopying (if you use paper), manage our own Outlook calendars, press Report on a complex data base system to generate a spreadsheet of hundreds of names for marks, birthdays, emails, house groups subject selections, Naplan results, NESA RAP analysis results.

The article looks at the advanced skills to be an office manager today and argues less need for administrative assistance.  If teachers and middle managers are doing the work that was once done by administrative assistant due to automation,  then the training for the office manager is going to another level. The author Karen Lance argues the secretary is an executive assistant” which is often a powerful role requiring good commercial acumen, influencing skills, networking, project management capabilities and a diverse range of organizational and administrative skills”.

So technology is changing the role of the modern worker and the responsibilities are constantly changing.  My question is that are we as teachers also constantly changing?  I think we are but albeit slowly.

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